England Alpine ski team

ET 2013

2012 - 2013 Team England Athletes; Sam Todd-Saunders, Oliver Krahelski, Ollie Eaton and Robbie Willis

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For the 2013-14 season the England Team will become the England Alpine Squad forming part of the England Talent Squad which will encompass all disciplines. Click here for the 2013 - 14 criteria.

Loughborough SportPark will host the next England Alpine Squad day on the 30th June 2013. Athletes who have met the performance criteria will be contacted within the next few weeks to invite them to Loughborough. Please click on the link to access the England Alpine Squad fitness assessments.


If you would like a copy of the trackers used please contact info@snowsportengland.org.uk and we'll email them to you.


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Information for the 2012-13 England Team:

Statement of intent

The England Team is selected across all disciplines governed by Snowsport England, with separate considerations for each one.

In keeping with Sport England’s aims, The England Team exists to:

  1. Ensure that there is an increased number of better quality English athletes progressing on to the world class and senior elite programmes in both Olympic and non-Olympic sports. Supporting and providing a consistent pipeline of high quality English talent.

  2. Ensure that as many people as possible make personal progress to a level which fulfils their potential and their sporting experience is an enjoyable one from which regular and sustained participation is more likely.

The England Alpine Team 2012 forward


Not only does 2012 bring with it changes to FIS category regulations, but the last decade has brought significant changes in how athletes train and what is known to be involved in the development of athletes aiming to reach the higher echelons of alpine ski racing.

In addition to changes in alpine, we have also seen the emergence of new and exciting disciplines that have been accepted into Olympic competition including freestyle, aerials and skier-cross with snowboarding continuing to maintain its popularity.


At Snowsport England (SSE), our role is to provide a pathway for talented athletes who wish to compete at the elite level in all disciplines, giving a structure which will nurture their talent and guide it in the right direction. At present, a considerable amount of work is being done in these areas in line with the Sport England Talent Pathway, which should also complement the work currently being planned by BSS.



The England Alpine Team has been operating in its current form for over ten years and it is this year, coinciding with the FIS category changes, we have chosen to review its progress and plan for the future. We are doing this to ensure we are providing a programme which meets the needs of an ever evolving sport and to ensure that SSE is meeting the needs of its athletes and their broader, maturing and educational needs as all of today’s Children 1 & 2 athletes are required by law to be in full time education until the age of 16, with plans for this age to increase to 18 in 2013.


We have carried out a survey amongst parents of the current England Alpine Team athletes and have taken on board the feedback, much of which was around pastoral care, sports psychology and education.


The England Alpine Team will continue next year with selection taking place in April.  The selection criteria will be outlined shortly, and a programme for 2012-13 will be in place from May 2012.


There will, however, be some significant differences in how it will operate.


Selection will not be based on athletes having to make a choice between one training provider and another. If you are selected to Team, an athlete’s commitment will now be based around their individual development plan, not based on his/her ability to join the 12 week programme. Athletes will not have to apply for consideration, although coaches will be asked to make recommendations for athletes who are off the GB circuit or who are outside of the criteria, but believed to be showing development and talent.


We have found in the last few years that the Team structure has become competitive with other providers, academies and individual programmes operating both within the UK and beyond, however, most of these providers include education in their organisation. The increasingly small technological world has created easier access to global information, for example, the ability to carry out school work in a virtual capacity and we now have athletes training in a broad spectrum of countries across the globe, many of whom do not have the privilege of currently being recognized by the nation.  We are aware of the impact this may have and of the benefit that being a member of a national team can have to an individual’s personal confidence.  


We have concluded that this cannot be right, Alpine skiing is a relatively small sport and SSE as the National Governing Body must be able to give its top performing athletes recognition and a support programme which complements their individual needs. In addition SSE must give athletes a goal to achieve which allows them to aspire to be a top level athlete and provide a clear pathway from training to performance to recognition and achievement which we believe is important particularly when dealing with a solo sport.


To this end Tim Fawke and Jemima Barnes have developed a revised structure.