Whole Sport Plan 2013 - 2017


SSE as the Home Nation National Governing Body has been given the responsibility of fostering, supporting and promoting our sport and snowsports excellence within England. Due to being recognised by Sport England who is answerable to Parliament through the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), we were invited to apply for funding to support our development strategy known as a Whole Sport Plan which aims to grow, sustain and excel Snowsports across England.  


Sport England’s research shows a dropout rate across all sports around the ages of 14 – 25 and as a result has focused its funding on this age range, giving us this target for the majority of work that we are planning to do. This will give us a structure that can be easily expanded to include any other age focus, which you might have as a facility or a club.


Other main focuses are based around the England Talent Pathway across the snowsport disciplines, disability snowsports and a pilot roller skiing programme.


SSE will be working with club and facilities to support them and deliver the below Whole Sport Plan through what we are calling Hub Sites please look at the Delivery Plan 13-17 Working together to grow Snowsports for more information. How these Hub Sites are being formed and selected can be found in the overview document Snowsport England Priority Site Selection Process and Timeline.pdf


Below is a short overview of each of our focus areas or you could read the downloadable copy  Whole Sport Plan 13-17 Overview..pdf       


The 14 to 25 and 25+ age ranges:- GO SKI GO BOARD:

Snowsport England has based its Whole Sport Plan 14- 25 around the development of our national programme GO SKI GO BOARD (please see the attached programme overview for more information). Though research and feedback from current priority sites, SSE has highlighted 5 target groups where potential participants can be found, these being schools, colleges, universities, community groups and work places. We have adapted the overall GO SKI GO BOARD brand to give a suitable offer and framework for these target groups. We intend to work with the Hub Sites to add suitable details such as cost and times of the programme to develop an offer and use the sport development network as routes to market and gather groups to attend the sessions.


Disability Snowsports – strategy development and pilots:

We are aware that over the last Whole Sport Plan period there was little focus and support for the disability side of our sport, due to a lack of resources and starting a new way of working.  However we wish to be an all-inclusive NGB and so wish for this area to become a focus.

Due to this we intend to continue research into the disability side of snowsports and develop a strategy around supporting and growing participation in this area. We envisage a number of pilots at facilities or clubs as part of this process and if applicable will form part of the work done at Hub Sites.


Roller Skiing  programme Year one – Pilots to be expanded if successful: 

Due to some elements of Nordic being slightly different to other snowsports disciplines i.e. you don’t always need a snowsport facility, a programme is being developed which we hope will encourage increased participation in Roller skiing.

We hope to have two pilots across England to trial and improve the programme, before launching it nationally and working with additional suitable locations. There may be possible links with facilities but not necessarily at the facility site. More details will follow as this is still in its development stage.  


The England Talent Pathway:

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Any questions please contact your sports Development Officer or the SSE office.

Contact Details:

Office – info@snowsportenglandorg.uk or 01509 232323

Jan Doyle (North) – jan@snowsportengland.org.uk or 07740883081


Debbie Groom (Central) – debbie@snowsportengland.org.uk or 07985197227


Susie Moore (South) – susie@snowsportengland.org.uk or 07891622648