The Snowsport Learning Lodge

We are excited to be letting you know about our new online learning platform. The Snowsport Learning Lodge will be the platform that all our learning will sit on. This learning will be for everyone involved in snowsport like coaches, athletes, clubs, facilities schoolteachers.

We have uploaded the first learning onto the platform and we will be releasing more learning throughout the year. The first course available is the Alpine Officials Level 1 training. The training is not only for those who want to be a volunteer at local and national level events but also a great way of understanding the roles of Gate Judge and Start/finish Marshall.

The course is completely free and you can come and go at your own pleasure. If you do complete the course then you’ll get a shiny new certificate you can either upload onto Sport80 or share online.

Check out the

Our Approach to digital learning

Our approach to the research, creation and use of digital education in snowsport is driven by the UK Snowsport Educational Philosophy.

UK Snowsport believes in a participant-led approach when creating and enabling experiences which will form safe, enjoyable, learning environment and allow people to develop through snowsport.

These experiences will be delivered in an individualised way that also supports the inherent social aspects of the sport and fosters a sense of snowsport community.

Through this, people will achieve success, this success being focused on the journey and not the destination. The experience will be safe, engaging and enjoyable, with the participant at the heart of the process involving them in their own learning and development.

This will be delivered by a supportive and empowering approach to instil an active passion for the sport, alongside developing understanding.

Essentially our aim with digital education is to create high quality resources and an experience that has the persons development at it’s core. With every piece of learning, we attempt to create the most effective, efficient and accessible resource to ensure the learner has the best opportunity to develop in an area in which they wish to develop.

Where possible, we aim to provide choice, not only giving the learner the opportunity to decide what they learn but how they do it.

Our use of eLearning

Before creating content in an eLearning format, we will ensure it meets the following three criteria:


The activity must allow the learner to do something throughout. It is not a matter of simply putting information online for them to read.


The activity must engage the learner by not only giving them something to do, but by getting them to think about what they are doing.


The content should appeal to the learner through not only the content but through the aesthetics of the content too.

By meeting all three of these criteria in each eLearning activity, it ensures the content produced is effective for learning and therefore becomes a useful educational resource.