Further to our previous announcements regarding Brexit, Snowsport England is pleased to provide an update on the legality of UK coaches working in Europe.

For clarity and to reiterate, our concern was that the public liability and professional indemnity insurance for coaches leaders and instructors might be invalidated if, due to the loss of working rights in EU countries they were deemed to be operating illegally, if undertaking activity without a work visa. (The principle being that illegal activity cannot be insured).

Having contacted the consulates and embassies of the EU countries listed below, each has now confirmed in writing that UK coaches, contracted and paid in the UK can travel and legally deliver competition coaching support and performance training camps for athletes and club trainees without the need for a work visa.

  1. Italy
  2. Switzerland
  3. Austria
  4. Andorra
  5. Sweden
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Germany
  8. Belgium

Our insurance brokers, Bluefin Sport have therefore now provided the following letter confirming that coach insurance remains valid.

At present France have indicated that where work is “less than or equal to 90 days and concerns sporting events” the employer is exempt from needing to obtain prior authorisation to work. This statement does not explicitly state that training camps are also exempt, so we are continuing discussions to explore further and will update in due course. For more information use this link and click on this link and select “Recruitment of employees and seasonal workers” and then “Short- or long-term recruitment”

The Netherlands and consequently Landgraff, currently do not require coaches to apply for a visa, however they do require you to apply for a work permit. It is quite a convoluted process so to assist please use the following 3 links to help:-

LINK 1: https://www.government.nl/topics/brexit/question-and-answer/as-a-british-national-do-i-need-a-work-permit-to-work-in-the-netherlands-after-brexit

LINK 2: https://www.werk.nl/werkgevers/wervingsadvies/werkvergunning/aanvragen/

LINK 3: https://www.werk.nl/werkgevers/wervingsadvies/werkvergunning/wanneer-nodig/uitzonderingen/#paragraaf1

We are in regular contact with them to appraise the situation and will update if this changes.

Norway and Finland have at present failed to offer responses to questions and again, we will update once we hear.


Whilst the above situation stands as at the end of March 2021 it is important for clubs and coaches to be aware that many EU countries are currently working on legislative changes. It is therefore critical that, before travel bookings are made, you conduct a further check to confirm the situation. For a full list of EU country embassy contacts please use this resource provided by Snowsport Scotland’s solicitors Harper McLeod.

In addition please note that if you choose to work in any other countries other than those listed above, you must ensure that you are operating legally for your insurance to remain valid.

Thank you to Snowsport Scotland for the work on pulling this together