Snowsport England is the National Governing Body for snowsport in England, and we’re committed to inspiring participation in Snowsport at every level.

Our Vision

Inspiring participation in snowsport at every level.

Our Mission

Snowsport England strives to increase awareness of and growth in participation of Snowsport in England at every level.  We will do this through increasing traffic to our Go Ski Go Board website by 5% per annum and by targeting Schools to increase the number participating in Snowsport.

Our membership, club and volunteers are crucial in supporting our network and sustaining growth in our sport and identifying and developing talent. We will continue to nurture and engage with our members and volunteers through specific programmes of activity designed to increase satisfaction levels.

Key Measures

Measures How Baseline (2019) 2020 2021 Target
Participation Traffic Through GSGB 12736 N/A 5% Annual increase
Awareness Sport England Active Lives 1,885,200 1,866,600 Upward trend
Member Satisfaction Membership Survey 71% 59% 80%
Volunteer Satisfaction Membership Survey 67% 62% 80%
Schools Schools TBC N/A TBC

Our Values

Our members, including all volunteers, are at the leading edge of all our activities and decision making. We strive to improve their snowsport experiences.

We promote the spirit, culture and family values of our sport by supporting our local and national communities.

Forever on the lookout for new initiatives, piloting, national ideas, listening to the industry and pushing the boundaries of what we can and will achieve for the good of the sport.

We carry out our work with honesty, speaking up on important matters and tackling challenges with the same vigour as when we’re out enjoying the slopes.

Our underpinning value is providing trusted leadership based upon good governance, promoting safe and challenging experiences across all snowsport disciplines. Inspiring participating in snowsport at every level.