The 2019 All England Championships was held at Norwich Snowsports Centre. First run course was set by Team Evolution’s Paul Telling. First off, were the minis, to attempt the challenging course set by Paul. First run on the stubbies, saw Alice Beveridge and Alice Bond DNF and DSQ, GBR series winner Kitty-Jay Caldwell took this too her advantage to put down the quickest time of the first run 0.68 ahead of newly crowned British Outdoor champion Harriet Scoular. Lilly Flitton smashing out the other competition, leading the under 10s by just over two seconds. On the second run Bond and Beveridge were not settling for Kitty-Jay Caldwell to take home the title. Kitty-Jay improved on her winning time on the first run but was it enough to take the win over both Alice Beveridge and Alice Bond?

No was the answer, Bond came down only a few hundredths in front of Caldwell to put her into top position. Last girl down was Alice Beveridge the pressure was on, after a DSQ. She had to put down a time quicker than Alice Bond’s 16.86. Beveridge flew down only 0.01 ahead of Bond, to claim the All England Championship under 12 title and Lilly Flitton winning the u10 tile

Under 10 girls overall results : 1st Lilly Flitton 2nd Sophia Fielding 3rd Sacha Tolley

Under 12 girls overall results : 1st Alice Beveridge 2nd Alice Bond 3rd Kitty -Jay Caldwell

In the boys mini race, Izaac Ellison from RTR stormed down Telling’s set in 15.75, (quicker than leader of the Female event Nicole Shering on full gates) , followed by Fraser Cox and Finlay Royle. Second run saw almost all boys go impressively quicker. Mitchel Williams after a DNF on the first run put down a 16.95 enough for 4th place. Royle and Cox both had faster runs but could not match the pace off Ellison taking the win by 0.37. In the u10s Jacob Kinge came back from a DSQ on the first run taking the u10 boys title ahead of Rossendale’s Patrick Wilkinson(1st yr of U10 category).

Under 10 boys overall results : 1st Jacob Kinge 2nd Patrick Wilkinson 3rd Joshua Heuelen

Under 12 boys overall results : 1st Izaac Ellison 2nd Frazer Cox 3rd Finlay Royale

Next, it was the ladies turn. Lauren Vale GBR overall series winner and British outdoor champion was looking to score a second zero point of the summer however Vale could not crack the challenging set and came out. Along with Vale,  Isabella Tomkinson, Emma Trust, Jolie Hoffman and many others could not complete. After a disappointing last weekend at Stoke Nicole Shering put down an amazing run of 15.27 put 0.81 into the current leader Rebecca Vernon. Charlotte Holmes could not match Sherings pace and went into 3rd knocking Megan Skipper off the Overall Podium. Olivia Howeson and Eleanor Eaves not far behind in 4th and 5th.

After the girls had completed the first run it was the boys turn to negotiate Paul Telling’s difficult set, Chris Corr, a late entry was the first down Telling’s challenging course setting a time to beat of 14.62s, with 78 racers still to go would Corr be able to hang onto the lead ? First of the top 15 , Callum Witts tackled the course recording a time of 14.76s going into 2nd place behind Corr. Aldershot’s Craig Speed bib 12 was next, would he do enough to take the lead from Corr? Speed recorded a time of 14.58 taking the lead by 4 hundredths. Next up was Toby Case who smashed Speed’s time by 0.28 of a second, was this enough to fend off the 10 remaining skiers ? Kaigan Witts and Hemming bib 7 and 8 were taken victim of Telling’s set. Defending champion Holmes was next up would he be able to fend off Case? Holmes recorded a time of 14.15s just a tenth of a second in front of Case. Last man down was Oliver Weeks winner of last ‘Dash for Cash’ and English Open Championships at Stoke last weekend, would he be able to upset Holmes title defence? Weeks matched Holmes time of 14.15s. Run 2 it was all to play for!

Pete Cutler from Ski Racing Supplies set the second run. Eva Pascoe put down a quick second run to move her from 10th to 7th overall. Eleanor Eaves couldn’t match Pascoe’s second run but with a quick first run went into the lead. Local skier, Megan Skipper was next down smashing Eaves time and went into the lead, followed by Olivia Howeson who only put a few hundredths into Megan. It left the top 3 to go. Charlotte Holmes went down and was a little too heavy on her edges but still had enough over Howeson and Skipper to take the lead. Next was Rebecca Vernon who only had 0.10 over Holmes on the first run however had a clean fast run to take top spot. Last to ski was, zero point skier Nicole Shering, she had 0.81 over Vernon on the first run so had it all to play for. Shering produced another impressive run putting a further 0.70 into Vernon comfortably taking home the All England Championship title.

Olivia Howeson(u14 winner and 4th overall)

Charlotte Holmes(u16 winner and 3rd overall)

Rebecca Vernon(u18 winner and 2nd overall)

Nicole Shering(u21 winner and overall winner)

The women’s race had now been tied up with Shering taking a dominant win with Vernon 2nd and Holmes 3rd but now it was time for the males to tackle the course set by Pete Cutler. Joseph Thompson the 1st racer out of the top 10 clocked a time of 15.67s failing to take the lead from Charlie Tubbs of Aldershot. 8th and 9th after the first run Van Breugel & Nickson failed to complete the second run. It was now time for Pendle skier Callum Witt’s to challenge Tubb’s for the lead, the Pendle skier failed to take the lead. Previous two time winner of the All England race (2014 & 15),  Chris Corr was next in the gate, a strong run from Corr to him take the lead away from Tubbs by 6 tenths of a second. With 5 racers left to ski,  the competition was wide open for anyone to take the title win. Corr’s lead didn’t last for long as Speed recorded a time to place him 5 hundredths in front of Corr. Would Jo Huppach sat in 4th after the first run, be able to ski his way onto the podium? Huppach regained the lead. Case who narrowly missed out on the win last weekend was ready to challenge the title, managing to take the lead off Huppach by 0.14s but Case now had to wait patiently for the two remaining skiers. Oliver Weeks was drawn first after recording the same time as Holmes on the first run, it was all down to the last run to decide the championship! Weeks grasped the lead from Case by 13 hundredths. Last down was defending champion Holmes, with a wobble half way down his run would Holmes still be able to take the win? Flying through the line posting a time of 14.65s Pendle Ski Club and Team Evolution’s Rob Holmes had defended his title by 0.38 of a second!

John Erskine U14 1st WWS

Ryan Burton U16 1st Chatham

Rob Holmes U18 1st Pendle

Oliver Weeks U21 1st Midlands

Chris Corr Senior 1st Pendle

Chris Royale Masters 1st Rossendale