On Saturday 31 October, the UK Government set out plans for new national restrictions across the whole of England.

These are due to come into force on Thursday 5th  November and last until at least the 2nd December. Without a doubt it will once again present huge challenges for snowsport facilities, clubs, coaches and snowsport enthusiasts, with all the struggles of this year we were all looking forward to enjoying our sport over the winter.

The new measures the Government have set out, make clear that sporting activity (other than elite sport) is not allowed indoors, and so unfortunately clubs and members will need to follow these new measures. The long-term futures of these venues are vital, so we will continue to contend for further support from the Government in the form of a Sports Recovery Fund.

The new rules also state that exercise and recreation outdoors is allowed, with your household or on your own, with one person from another household. We do not have any clarification yet on how or if this impacts on outdoor snowsport taking place. We know that this time of year for all snowsport facilities / clubs is usually when they are entering peak times and the restrictions being imposed could impact much needed finances. We will be arranging drop-in sessions for Clubs and Facilities soon to discuss what we find out from our meetings and to listen to any fears they may have.

We are in contact with Sport England and CEOs of other sports, looking at pulling together a case to the Government that outdoor snowsport should be allowed to remain for individual recreational practice, 1-2-1 coaching, as well as sessions for same households. We know snowsport activity for children and young people is also hugely important and so we will also contend for this to continue where possible.

Snowsport is an activity that can be enjoyed by individuals and families, especially in a Covid secure environment in the outdoors. We are a sport that thrives in the winter.

Thank you for your continued patience and support, we will release a further statement once we have more details about the latest restrictions.