Swadlincote Snowsports Centre – 24/25 July 2021

Swadlincote Snowsports Centre is due to host a double weekend of races on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th July when the Central Region Ski Association (CESA) and the Snowsport England Inter-Regional Team Championships take place.

The weekend, promoted by CESA and backed up by Team Evolution’s camp and DA$H FOR CA$H, is the first big weekend at the rematted slope.

The CESA Race, sponsored by Ski Bartlett, Ski Racing Supplies and Team Evolution, accepts entries from registered and unregistered racers in the age categories: MASTERS (1991 and earlier), SENIORS (1992-2000), U21 (2001-2003), U18 (2004-2005), U16 (2002-2003), U14 (2008-2009), U12 (2010-2011), U10 (2012-2013).

Entry cut-off is Friday 16th July (7pm) – late entries may be accepted if race is undersubscribed.

Online entry and payment is available for home nation registered racers on Snowsport England Ski Racing and Competition Management System: https://entries.snowsportengland.org.uk/ or by email to the Race Secretary using the contact form for the event on the GB Ski website: www.gbski.com/forms.php.

This Regional Race follows a well-attended weekend at Stoke Ski Centre of Midland and Telford’s joint Club Nationals and the weekend at Swadlincote is hoped to continue the outstanding attendance at races this summer.