National Governing Bodies (NGBs) are an essential element of sport that governs and administers a sport on a national basis, whether that be for the whole of the United Kingdom, Great Britain, or for one of the Home Countries individually.

Aside from overseeing rules, clubs, coaching and competitions, the NGB of each sport decides how to spend income generated by membership fees, TV rights, Lottery Grants, and investment from Government and the four UK Sports Councils.

“Traditionally NGBs are viewed as the guardians of their sport”

They are important social institutions, influencing who gets to play sport and on what terms.

Club Affiliation

Affiliating to Snowsport England gives your club and your members benefits with real advantages. You are also helping to support the grassroots of Snowsport and provide opportunities for everyone to get involved, no matter their experience or location.

Supporting the sport we all love means that we can continue to provide education, support and a safe, welcoming environment for current and future Snowsport enthusiasts across the country. Giving people the opportunity to nurture their talent and be the best they can be, having fun along
the way.

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Snowsport England club affiliation fees for the 2023/24.

Whilst we have had either zero or small increases to membership and affiliation fees over the past few years, we have had to increase the fees in line with inflation to cover the rising costs of operation. Going forward, our proposal is to link the membership and affiliation fees to inflation on an annual basis. This will assist with the ongoing financial stability of Snowsport England and allow us to continue to support our members and our sport.

Size of club

 Current price

Price for 2023-2024

Small – (1 – 100 members)

£150 plus £4.50 per member 

£165 plus £5 per member

Medium (101 – 250 members)

£650 plus £3.50 per member from the 101st member 

£716 plus £3.90 per member from the 101st member 

Large (251 – 500 members) 

£1175 plus £3 per member from the 251st member 

£1294 plus £3.30 per member from the 251st member 

Extra-large (501 – 1500 members) 

£1925 plus £1 per member from the 501st member 

£2119 plus £1.10 per member from the 501st member 


Why affiliate to snowsport england?

Snowsport England exist to lead the growth in Snowsport, by providing solid foundations on which our coaches, instructors and leaders can progress, and support our athletes to realise their full potential in a safe and happy environment.

By being part of a passionate Snowsport community you are helping to support the sport we love across our country. We are here to support our Snowsport community.

There are so many reasons to become an Affiliated Club with Snowsport England, click here to read a summary of all the great benefits we offer.

snowsport england Associate Membership

A Snowsport England Associate Membership is for any organisation which does not fit the description of a ‘club’ but which nonetheless wishes to support Snowsport England and receive its publications.

Included in the Associate Membership fee, you will receive the specially designed Snowsport England logo to use on your website and in publicity material, so everyone can see at a glance that you are an Associate Member of Snowsport England, and a link from the Snowsport England website to your organisations website.  Also included is access to the Snowsport England members benefits for you and your staff (contact details must be provided).

Snowsport England Associate Member affiliation fee: £125 (Nov-Oct) 

*Please note that Associate Membership excludes insurance and voting rights at the SE AGM.