Coaching and Instructing in The Netherlands

NB: This article should be read alongside A GREEN LIGHT FOR COACHES POST BREXIT

Important Notice

We are aware that as lockdowns relax and international travel becomes an option some coaches, instructors, clubs and academies may be contemplating visits to ski centres in the Netherlands.


As you will be aware from previous communications, the Netherlands, and consequently ski centres such as Landgraff require coaches and instructors to apply for a work permit in order to operate legally.


Further investigations with UWV Netherlands have indicated that no cross border agreements for employment exist and before any UK citizen would be considered for a work permit, it would need to be shown that no suitable NL, EU, EEA or Swiss person could be found to fulfil the role.


We have tested this with an application from a highly qualified coach and instructor who was refused a work permit on the above grounds. It therefore seems highly unlikely that a UK coach would qualify for a work permit.


The validity of your insurance cover is determined by whether you are operating legally. Our insurers, Bluefin insurance, have stated that “any insurance cover provided for coaching activity will become void if the activity undertaken is deemed illegal in the country concerned”.


Operating in any of the ski centres in the Netherlands which include:


  • Ruchphen
  • Zoetermeer
  • Montana
  • Snow world Amsterdam
  • Snow Dome De Uithof
  • Landgraaf
  • Terneruzen


without a work permit will result in your insurance cover almost certainly not being valid and as a result you will not be insured in the event of a claim.


Whilst we cannot prevent coaches, instructors, clubs and academies from choosing to travel to, or operating in any country, we must advise that any coach or instructors choosing to travel to the Netherlands will be running the risk of operating without insurance. This is not something any awarding body could sanction.


If coaches wish to apply for a work permit the process is outlined below, but an application is at this stage unlikely to succeed and would not, without the issue of a work permit allow a coach to operate legally.