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Snowboard Foundation Instructor (L1)

This Award is designed to give you the tools to teach everyone from total beginners to those approaching basic turning on artificial slopes and indoor snow slopes.

Snowboard Instructor (L2)

This Award is a continuation of the Level 1 award which allows you to teach more advanced riders to start linking turns and introduce flatland freestyle whilst on an artificial slope or indoor snow slope.

Park & Pipe Foundation Performance Coach (Snowboard) L1

This Award allows you to work with entry level ski & snowboard competitors to consolidate and develop adaptability and versatility to build solid athletic foundations. You can coach at artificial ski slopes and indoor snow centres. (you cannot work with beginner skiers with this award)

Park & Pipe Club Performance Coach (Snowboard) L2

This award is designed for coaches who seek to work with competitors who are progressing on the talent pathway. The course is designed around the pathway to Olympic podium and the content is mainly aimed at working with athletes under 16 years old. You can work independently in the UK (including Scottish mountains) and abroad as long as your programme is being led by a Park & Pipe Head Performance Coach (L3)

Park & Pipe Head Coach (SNOWBOARD) L3

Aimed at coaching FIS athletes – aged 15 and older. This Award allows you to plan, implement, analyse, and revise annual coaching programmes. Able to work independently both home and abroad as well as lead a team of coaches and devise an annual programme for on- and off-snow preparation. For further information email

For further information email