The TD Forum continually reviews its position and rules with regard recognition and treatment of concussion, noting that concussion is a serious injury and the risks of a second injury leading to significant long term effects are very high.  At the latest update the Forum reaffirmed that TDs and Juries should not permit competitors with a suspected concussion to start unless the competitor can provide a certificate of fitness to race from a recognised licensed medical practitioner.  A rule to formalise this has been agreed with the HNs and is issued as a precision to be included into BCR, BACR and BTR with immediate effect.”

The agreed precision for BCR,BACR and BTR, as article 627.3.1, is:

“A competitor with a suspected or confirmed concussion will not be permitted to start (NPS) unless a certificate of fitness to race, signed by an appropriate licensed medical practitioner (doctor, medical practice or hospital), is provided to the Jury.”