Under-16 Dryslope Ambassador Lauren Bloom looks back at the Evolution Club National, which took place at Gosling Ski & Snowboard Centre earlier this month (on Sunday, 13th June 2021), as she provides a summary of the races and highlights some of the fastest performances of the day below.

This race took place on a very hot day.  Luckily, this slope is essentially a short sprint. I’ve never raced here before, bu­­­t I learnt you need to get a big start, negotiate a couple of bumps and carry speed as you’re at the bottom before you know it. Minis had 14 gates, the ladies’ course was 13 gates and the men only had to get round 12. It certainly makes you think about how important it is to have a rapid start and slippy skis.

There was, as always at dry slope races, a great atmosphere even with all the Covid restrictions.  Personally, I preferred the way this race was run so all those of similar seed points were racing at the same time of the day. But it will be way better when the races can be run like normal.

Thanks to the sponsors: Rossignol and the Winter Sports Foundation, and Evolution for organising the race.

Full results can be found here.

Here’s a summary of the fastest racers of the day:

U10/U12 female

Lily Flitton

Sylvia Curtis

Jolie Welsh

U10/12 male

Hunter Barnes

Alfie Croft

Tommy Jones


Olivia Howeson

Anna Sarkar

Evie Ayton


Joseph Thompson

Ryan Bloom

David Hatcher


Photo: Stuart Brown Photography