Snowsport England will be running a free webinar on concussion, led by Dr Jenny Shute, MBE, Vice Chair of the FIS Medical Committee on Tuesday, 9th March.

Snowsport England believes that it is vital that as many people who participate in recreational and competitive snowsport are informed of the risks of concussion and is running a free webinar to raise awareness of the seriousness of the injury.

The online workshop will be delivered by Dr Shute, who drew up the FIS guidelines for management of concussion.

The webinar is open to anyone who is involved in recreational and competitive snowsport and aims to help the snowsport network – parents, athletes, coaches, volunteers, clubs – to identify and act accordingly in the case of a concussion.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 9th March from 7.00pm until 7.45pm and joining instructions will be sent after registration.

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Concussion is a complex and potentially serious injury that must be taken extremely seriously to safeguard the long-term welfare of athletes.

People with a concussion are more likely to have a repeat concussion, and a repeat concussion that occurs before the brain recovers from an initial concussion can slow recovery and increase the likelihood of having long-term problems.

Dr Shute, who is delivering the workshop, is an expert in the field and has many years of experience within snowsport, having drawn up the FIS guidelines for management of concussion.

She has previously delivered two presentations on concussion to FIS Youth & Children’s Seminar and participated in international implementation meetings and processes in 2017-2018 following the most recent Concussion Consensus meeting.

A member of the FIS Medical Committee from 2004, Dr Shute became Vice Chair from 2018. The Medical Committee is responsible for education, FIS medical advice/policies, and supervision of medical services at FIS major events.

Dr Shute is currently one of four Medical Committee members responsible for expert Covid-19 guidance.

Snowsport England urges athletes, parents, coaches and volunteers to attend this free webinar. Register via the link below.

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