Further to the Prime Minister’s statement in Parliament on Tuesday 22nd September 2020, we now know that organised snowsport in England remains exempt from the new restrictions. We have updated our guidance to reflect some of the changes that will affect our sport.

For now, this means that organised snowsport activity can continue as before provided the facility has Covid Secure control measures in place. If the facility/club does not have these measures, then the rule of 6 applies to adult groups. All organised snowsport activities for children (Under18’s), including indoor snowsport, will continue to be exempt from the rule of 6, but social distancing guidelines must still be strictly adhered to.

We are grateful that our sport can continue as is for now , but it is vitally important that we all play our part in helping to reduce the R rate of the virus, for if it does not slow then further restrictions will be placed on our sport and facilities which may result in us not being able to partake in our sport like many of the adult team sports now.

Please ensure that any local restrictions are followed and that any facility guidance that is in place is adhered to and promoted whilst there.  Remember we all can play a part in keeping our sport safe.

Further detailed FAQ’s are available from Sport England at the following link:


Here are updated guidance docs:

Guidance for Snowsport facilities
Guidance for instructors & coaches
Guidance for athletes
Guidance for Affiliated Clubs
COVID Secure Environment

We have highlighted within the docs where things have been [UPDATED] or when [NEW] content has been added.