SnowsportEngland are aware that many Clubs and Coaches may be using Zoom to stay connected and deliver sessions online. To help you ensure your meetings are secure and to ensure the safety and enjoyment for all involved, we have put together the following top tips for our members.

Top Tips:

Take the time to understand your Zoom settings before launching a meeting
Nominate a Co-Host to moderate the meeting while you do the presentation
Use the scheduled meeting option to create a unique URL for each meeting
Make sure every meeting is password protected
Insist your callers register for the call, in advance
Ensure you switch on end to end encryption
Lock the meeting once everyone has arrived
Change your screen sharing to Host only
Create a “Waiting Room” so people can’t join the meeting before the Host. This will allow you to admit people to the meeting one at a time
Disable File Transfer so people can’t introduce anything untoward into your meeting
Use the “Allowed Removed Participants to Re-join” setting –this will mean anyone who has been removed cannotre-enter the meeting.
Disable the facility for people to message people individually in chat box
If you have the setting Stream to FB set to on –you need to check that you haven’t enabled Stream to YouTube –because your video will not be secure.
Never share your meeting URL or your personal meeting room URL in a public space on social media