Lowland championships

SE and GBS made a decision at the beginning of July to not organise the Lowland championships as there wasn’t sufficient information from the facility on how they would manage 400+ athletes and spectators. It is also our understanding that in Holland the rules allow no more than 100 people in a gathering.

While we understand the enthusiasm to get back to competitions, we have a duty to make sure all activity we are linked with is done in a safe manner and to make our members aware of our position regarding this competition. To date we have seen no measures put in place to mitigate the risks of covid-19 for an event of this size. Therefore we need to inform our membership that we are not endorsing this race and have made this clear to the race organisers. While we are doubtful the event will still go ahead we wanted to make it clear if it does that this is not supported by the HN’s, GBS or the TD forum and if attending your individual and club insurance might be invalid if the necessary guidance is not followed. Attendance is at your own risk.