Inspiring Snowsport, is our ten- year strategy to deliver on our vision:
“Inspiring participation in Snowsport at every level”
This strategy was designed with long term impact in mind, with three core fundamental strands, Leadership, Participation and Talent.



To lead and drive the strategic direction of the organisation.


Leadership is a fundamental strand of the Inspiring Snowsport strategy. For Snowsport England, this is how we will have long term, positive impact within both the organisation and wider snowsport ecosystem. Ensuring processes and structures are in place to provide the foundations for change, development and growth across both Participation and Talent.


The last few years have delivered challenges unlike any other in living memory; they have underlined the huge importance of Snowsport for our members and community. We know our relationships, foundations and structures are pivotal in helping us maintain healthy and happy skiers and snowboarders across England and through our Leadership objective we will continue to build upon this.


We are one year into delivering on our strategy, and whilst this launch may feel delayed, we have been doing some vital re-building to ensure that we are equipped to deliver the Inspiring Snowsport objectives over the next nine years. A full staff re-structure to align with the strategy, subsequent recruitment and onboarding has now taken place, and we are confident that we have the right people in place to drive forward our goals, alongside a supportive board of directors under the leadership of a new Chair.


We have also started to implement new processes and strategies for better efficiencies, to modernise our ways of working and to align to our new objectives


Moving forwards, we will continue to strive to be a better organisation, in turn improving standards across the industry, working with Sport England and our other key partners, we will make systemic changes to drive a better future for the sport. One example of this is a new communications strategy, to ensure we provide better information, are open about our progress and accountable for our work by sharing more of what we do, we must continue to listen to our members, annual satisfaction surveys will help us do this.


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To increase the participation levels in Snowsport in England with particular emphasis on under-represented groups.


Participation encompasses everyone who engages with our sport. Snowsport England’s objective is simple. To ensure those within our sport are safe and have an enjoyable experience. And that as a sport we are open to new audiences, diversifying to ensure we have a place for anyone. Everyone should feel welcome, and that they belong.


Snowsport offers variety and opportunity, we have an incredible infrastructure of facilities and clubs, and we know that Snowsport can have a wonderous impact. We want to continue to grow this, providing support for grassroots organisations, whilst opening the sport up to more people. Our focus on diversifying the sport is clear, we know we need to do better to create equality within the sport and that is exactly what we are setting out to do.


To make a change, we need to do things differently, that is why we have started work on revolutionising our coaching and instructing courses, developing new tools for education across our workforce landscape and programmes to support our core organisations. We have also introduced our Community Innovation Fund, to find, help and learn from trail blazers across the grassroots community who are impacting how we open the sport and work towards equality.


Creating change within the sport will take time, and over the next nine years we will continue to invest in education and insight. We will also continue to work with our partners, testing out new innovations and putting new processes, practises, and policies in place. By 2032 we want snowsport to better reflect the communities across England.


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To develop home-grown talent across all disciplines and deliver a clearly defined and inclusive pathway for Para-Snowsport, Nordic, Park and Pipe and Cross, whilst continuing to evolve the existing Alpine activities.


As an organisation, we have a responsibility to create opportunities for home grown talent, across all disciplines, to be identified and developed, before they move into the GBS pathway. Snowsport England take a focus through learning approach, recognising everyone, and every discipline has differing requirements. We want to provide everyone with the skills and experiences that will not only develop them as exceptional athletes ready to represent Great Britain on the World stage, but also as good people ready and willing to contribute positively to other aspects of their life.


Alpine remains our most popular Snowsport discipline across England, which we must continue to service through our structures. There is increasing growth in our range of disciplines, and we have an opportunity to develop a variety of talent across Snowsport, we must make the most of this increased demand.


Our Futures programme aims to develop talent across a range of disciplines, creating rounded athletes with a multitude of skills and experiences. Expansion of this programme has seen us offer an increased scale of sessions which we will continue to grow, not just in numbers but across locations, facilities and coaches.


Ensuring our pathway is easy to understand, accessible and open to all is key to how we move forwards. Clear metrics for physical, technical, and psychological milestones, alongside athlete profiling will be key to measuring progress across each discipline. We will continue to develop programme and deliver education to aid our athlete centric approach.



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