Bluefin are the appointed broker for Snowsport England.

Clubs, Instructors, Coaches, Leaders, Competitors & Individual Members are covered by the bespoke insurance arrangement with Bluefin, via their affiliation/membership.

The Liability insurance you receive protects you if you are held responsible and are negligent for causing injury to a third party or have caused damage to a third party’s property. Cover applies during official, recognised and approved training, competitions and related events of Snowsport England. This includes races run by us, all FIS races, races run by other Home Nations, (Scotland and Wales), and races run by Schools, (NSSA and ESSKIA.).

We are currently putting in place a new portal that will have all the information you require. .

Please see note which confirms cover until the 1st December. We will be updating this information as soon as  we have it .

Insurance cover note to 1st December 2020

Ski & Snowboard Insurance Benefits

  • Claims dealt with efficiently
  • Covers claims against you of up to £10 million
  • No excess to pay in the event of a claim against you
  • Cover applies during official, recognised and approved training, competitions and related events of Snowsport England



Snowsport Insurance For Clubs

The insurance cover provided via your affiliation to Snowsport England will protect you and your club if you are deemed negligent in injuring another person or causing damage to another person’s property. The cover provided includes:

  • Abuse
  • Club Property
  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Directors & Officers (Management Liability)

Cover applies during official training, competitions, related events and official social events, all of which are authorised and recognised by Snowsport England.


Ski & Snowboard Insurance For Instructors & Coaches

As an instructor or coach or of Snowsport England, you receive liability insurance as part of your membership. This includes;

  • Public Liability & Professional Indemnity with a limit of £10 million
  • Covers the cost of defending a claim made against you following negligent advice whilst instructing/coaching, provided that the activity falls within your Snowsport England licensing remit.
  • As a self-employed instructor/coach of Snowsport England, you are covered to deliver recognised Snowsport England activities, up to a max of £25,000.
  • You are covered as a sole trader, or limited company.
  • You are only covered as a sole trader. If you employ staff/ coaches, you must speak to Sports Insure to obtain a separate liability quotation.