Snowsport England and Snowsport Scotland are starting a talent search for the para snowboarding stars of the future.

It Could Be You!
We are looking to find sporty women between the ages of 16-25 with an upper limb difference who want to learn to snowboard. Snowboarding is a great sport that is active, social, creative and you can do it in some of the most beautiful places in the world. If you do any sports that require balance and a strong core then you’ll be well suited to snowboarding. The obvious sports with similarities to snowboarding are skateboarding, surfing and wakeboarding, but people from backgrounds such as horse riding, cycling and gymnastics have also become amazing snowboarders.

If you like the idea of snowboarding then sign up and you could be picked for one of our week long Fast Track sessions this summer (2022). The group lessons will involve instruction from a qualified instructor over 4/5 days at one of the indoor snow centres across the UK. No prior snowboard experience required!

Tell Me More About Para Snowboarding
Learning to snowboard could be just the start. If you’ve got a head for speed and a competitive streek, then competitive Para Snowboarding takes the format of racing, both against the clock and head to head. The courses can include banked corners, undulating terrain and jumps. Similar to BMX and mountain bike trails. Training for this sport is varied and never gets boring, along with time on snow we will use acrobatics facilities, practice other board sports and use gyms.

Check out some of the action from the recent world championships in Norway:

There are three levels of competition for para snowboard internationally. Starting at Continental Cup before graduating to World Cup and then the biggest stage of all: The Paralympics. At the moment there are women in the Upper Limb category at Continental and World Cup levels but, there aren’t enough to feature at the Paralympics which is why we need you to help us make history!

Sign Me Up!
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