Phased Return to Domestic (UK Based) Snowsport Competition

This communication, on behalf of the UK Home Nation Snowsport Governing Bodies, aims to set out a road map for a phased return to competitive snowsports events in the UK under Covid-19 regulations and restrictions applied to sport and social distancing.

We recognise there is significant interest from our memberships in returning to competition events within the UK at both outdoor and indoor artificial facilities. Events through to the end of August 2020 have been either cancelled or postponed. The event programme for September to December will be reviewed at the end of July 2020.

We have taken steps to extend the artificial slope calendar until December 2020 and are pursuing all options to deliver national seeded and other structured events through this extended period. We are each governed by our respective government regulations and it is important to recognise that significant changes in these regulations are required to deliver a national standard event.

It is critical that any events we organise are delivered with a Covid safe plan that ensures the wellbeing of participants and officials.

We are also investigating ways in which we could establish new structured activity that would promote competitive Snowsport and create new opportunities for development of our sport. This includes localised events that may compared performances at a national level such as Skills Quest Competitions or NASTAR style events.

In the meantime we set out below guidance for our members recognising that whilst we are all keen to get back to compete, there’s been a 3-4 month period with no snowsports for many and there needs to be a period of practice and training before any return to national competitive events.