The Inter Club and Open Team Races was held at Norwich ski slope on Sunday 1st September 2019. The weather was a lot cooler than previous weekends and it was safe to say that nobody complained!

Sally Bartlett and Dave Eaves set a course that was reasonably challenging that the athletes seemed to enjoy. There were a number of clubs taking part and they were: Aldershot, Midlands, Norfolk, Pendle, RTR and semi retired. The best team names of the day has to go to Pendle with their chose of Backstreet Boys lyrics! I don’t know who the Backstreet Boys are but my mum does!

Each team consisted of 4 members who took part in 6 group stage races to determine who went through to the knockout stage. The atmosphere whilst watching the Races was enjoyable for the spectators. Also, from a racer perspective, the atmosphere at the top of the slope was very entertaining.

The Club Teams were very close between a number of different teams with Pendle ‘Tell me why’ winning the event with Aldershot B finishing very close behind Pendle in 2nd place. Also, Aldershot A finished in 3rd place.

The Open Team event was just as exciting with Aldershot Open A taking 1st place followed by Norfolk Open 1 in 2nd and Pendle ‘Ain’t Nothing but a mistake’ taking 3rd.

As a racer, Team Races are always very enjoyable because it’s a very competitive but extremely fun atmosphere that always makes a great day.