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Covid Guidance Update – 20/07/2021

Covid Guidance Update – 14/07/2021


Following the four-week delay to Step 4 and the lifting of COVID restrictions for England, Snowsport England issues a reminder of the current (Step 3) snowsport activity guidelines and sets out actions for clubs, event organisers and members.

Updated COVID-19 Guidance – 14/05/2021

Following the Prime Minister’s confirmation that the country will move to Step 3 of the Government roadmap from 17th  May, we have updated our summary table to provide details of the restrictions that will apply for this stage of the roadmap. This includes:

  • Indoor snowsport activity permitted for all (including organised group activity)
  • Car sharing will be permitted (subject to guidance)
  • Spectating permitted

The Department for Education has confirmed that group activity for children can now take place in any number, subject to a risk assessment and safe maximum occupancy of the venue.

Thank you for your continued efforts and take care.


This document provides a summary of what snowsport activity will be permitted under the Government restrictions across England under each step of the roadmap, with a grid for each step provided on the following pages. Further detail for future steps will be added to these grids once it is confirmed by the Government.

We thank you for your continued efforts in helping snowsport to return safely.


Snowsport England Guidance for the Return to Activity 25/03/2021

Covid-19 Update 26/02/2021

covid update 22/02/2021

Travel Restrictions

UPDATE: New Nationwide Restrictions


Since the announcement from the Government regarding Tier 4 restrictions, we have further clarification on how these restrictions affect snowsport. As a result we have updated the Tier Table with the additions for Tier 4.

TIER 4 – Stay at home: If you live in a tier 4 area, you are able to leave your home for outdoor exercise. This should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel a short distance, within your tier 4 area, if necessary (for example, to access an open space). You should not leave your tier 4 area for sport and physical activity purposes. This includes under-18s and disabled people.

It is vital that we all play our part in keeping people safe by following the guidance from the Government.

Non-compliance with government guidance could result in your insurance being invalid and also result in potential fines from the police.


Updated Snowsport Guidance 02/12/2020

Updated Snowsport Guidance 01/12/2020

Updated CEO Covid Statement

Guidance Update 16/10/2020

As a result of the Government announcement on Monday 12th October 2020, every part of England is now in one of three Covid-19 alert levels: Tier 1 (medium), Tier 2 (high) and Tier 3 (very high).

Following the introduction of this new tiered approach to restrictions in England, we have clarified with the Government how this will impact snowsport activity. Outdoor snowsport activity can continue in Tier 2 (High) and Tier 3 (Very High) areas in line with the current national guidelines, but there are additional restrictions on indoor snowsport activity in these areas. The Government’s guidance to avoid travel in or out of Tier 3 (Very High) areas also applies to snowsport activity.

Please download the document for full information.

Further to the Prime Minister’s statement – 25/09/2020

Updated Guidance Documents for Return to Snowsports – August

As part of our PHASED RETURN TO SNOWSPORT, Snowsport England has updated its guidance.

All our guidance is based on government guidance and we are making it snowsport specific.

We would like to say a massive thank you to the clubs, coaches, volunteers and facilities that have been following our guidelines in supporting a safe return to snowsport.

Whilst restrictions have been easing it’s still important that everyone plays their part in keeping our sport, clubs, coaches and volunteers safe at all times. In addition considerations need to be made for local lockdowns.

Where local lockdowns are announced COVID-19 Officers are required to review the government guidance and update their risk assessments before engaging in any activity.

Please download the document for full information.