Club affiliation fees

Over the last few years, we have received questions relating to the club pricing structure, in particular the jump between different sized clubs. We have addressed these issues and removed the anomalies; the new pricing structure is set out below. On making these changes it will mean that some clubs will benefit more than others. Some clubs will see a price reduction and others will see a price increase. The average increase is approximately 3%.

In future years, the affiliation fees will align to the CPI (Consumer Price Index), rate. See details below.

Individual membership fees

The board has agreed to align membership fee increases to CPI on an annual basis, (affiliation fees will follow next year once the current anomalies have been corrected).

The Rationale for this is as follows:
It was noted that historically while the cost of membership has risen broadly with CPI, changes to subscriptions tended to happen in larger steps, albeit less frequently.
Inflationary price increases are common across membership organisations, and other common bills, such as phone contracts. Moving to an annual inflationary increase in subscription would allow the SE clubs and members to plan better financially, and make larger increases of subs, (if any), an exceptional event.
All membership categories will receive the same percentage rate of increase: they, and the services that SE provides, are equally affected by inflation.
Future increases will be announced 6 months before membership & affiliation fees are due, which is the 1st of November. Where CPI is negative the CPI will be considered as 0%
However, due to the current cost-of-living crisis it was felt that a cap should be put in place this year to help limit the impact. The board agreed to a 4% increase for 2022/23 membership, (March CPI was 6.2%). It was agreed the March CPI rate would be used for the following years increase.

New membership fees

1. Do we need to list our volunteers on the declaration?
We will cover six members for the committee free of charge. If you have more committee members or volunteers, then you should add these to your declaration.

2. If our members are also a member of another club, do we need to list them in our declarations as this would mean they would be paying twice?
Yes, you need to declare these members. The insurance covers the club as an entity as well as the members. We need to know all the members at each club to enable us to insure the club.

3. Do we need to list coaches that are part of the club?
Yes, please list all coaches in your declaration as well.

4. If we run visually impaired sessions, do we need to list the guides we use?
Yes, please list these separately, you don’t need to pay for them, but we will still need to know numbers.

Affiliating to Snowsport England gives your club and your members benefits with real advantages. You are also helping to support the grassroots of Snowsport and provide opportunities for everyone to get involved, no matter their experience or location.

Supporting the sport we all love means that we can continue to provide education, support, and a safe, welcoming environment for current and future Snowsport enthusiasts across the country. Giving people the opportunity to nurture their talent and be the best they can be, having fun along the way.

If you have any further questions or require more information, please contact us on