What is the role of A National Governing Body?

National Governing Bodies (NGBs) are an essential element of sport that governs and administers a sport on a national basis, whether that be for the whole of the United Kingdom, Great Britain, or for one of the Home Countries individually.

Aside from overseeing rules, clubs, coaching and competitions, the NGB of each sport decides how to spend income generated by membership fees, TV rights, Lottery Grants, and investment from Government and the four UK Sports Councils.

“Traditionally NGBs are viewed as the guardians of their sport”

They are important social institutions, influencing who gets to play sport and on what terms.

An NGB is expected to deliver the following functions within its area of authority:

  • Control and regulate the environment of its sport.
  • Administer the practice and participation of its sport.
  • Develop its sport.
  • Influence both its members and organisations of which it is a member (for example, international bodies).
To be able to deliver the functions, a recognised NGB undertakes the following activities:
  • Prepare and implement a vision and strategic plan for its sport and determine how it will be implemented nationally, regionally, and locally.
  • Promote its sport.
  • Manage the rules and regulations of its sport, including anti-doping, child protection and equality.
  • Implement a governance framework for its sport.
  • Administer officials of its sport.
  • Establish and maintain links with the UK/Ireland and the international governing body / federation.
  • Encourage and grow participation.
  • Develop coaches, athletes, officials, and participants.
  • Organise and host competitions.

Overall, the role of NGB’s in sport is fundamental in managing, improving, and developing the sport industry. They provide the framework for change within the industry, establishing increased accessibility for all and widespread love for sport.

Snowsport England consists of a small team who work together to deliver the functions of the NGB and its activities. We are a not-for-profit organisation, and we do not compete with other NGB’s for members. Each home country has an NGB for Snowsport and membership is necessary for people who want to compete, coach, or officiate in the sport.

Why affiliate to Snowsport England as a club?

Snowsport England exist to lead the growth in Snowsport, by providing solid foundations on which our coaches, instructors and leaders can progress, and support our athletes to realise their full potential in a safe and happy environment.

By being part of a passionate Snowsport community you are helping to support the sport we love across our country. We are here to support our Snowsport community.

There are so many reasons to become an Affiliated Club with Snowsport England, below is a summary of all the great benefits we offer:

  • Public Liability Insurance – giving you peace of mind should the worst happen.
  • Club Development Support – helping you provide the best experience for your members.
  • Safeguarding Support – helping you provide a safe and happy environment for children, young people, and adults.
  • Access to Snowsport England courses and coaches – enabling you to provide high quality training and support to your members.
  • Coach Licensing Support – As an awarding body we can let you know the status of your coaches, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.
  • Talent Support – Snowsport England creates clear pathways to develop young Snowsport enthusiasts into potential athletes.
  • Snowsport England Promotions – Be part of our national campaigns to create awareness and help increase your membership numbers. Access to our Go Ski Go Board website to promote your sessions.
  • Member Benefits – we provide all members with retail and travel discounts and now exclusive SE merchandise.
More details on each benefit below:
Public Liability Insurance
  • Public & Products Liability – Accidental bodily injury to third parties and/or damage to third party property arising out of the insured activities.
  • Cross Liabilities (Member-to-Member) Protects members, should a claim be made by a fellow member.
  • Professional Indemnity – cover for negligent acts, errors or omissions in respect of a professional opinion, including injury following tuition, advice, coaching or instruction, against claims made during the period of insurance.
  • Directors & Officers – Protects an individual’s personal liability arising from actions in their capacity as a director, officer or trustee, against claims made during the period of insurance for a wrongful act.
  • Abuse – Protection for damages awarded against the club committee for abuse or molestations, made during the period of insurance.
No protection will be provided to any party who actually commits, condones or ignores any abuse or molestation.
  • Employers Liability – Protection for damages and legal costs arising out of death or bodily injury caused to employees or volunteers in the course of their engagement with the insured.
  • N.B Volunteers may be deemed employees in the eyes of the law, it is not the absence of remuneration that is important, but the nature of the relationship (i.e. Master / Servant)
Club Property
  • An affiliated club is provided with cover for club contents and equipment, up to £5,000, subject to a £100 excess.  Further information here Membership Insurance – Snowsport England
  • Club Development support – whether you’re a group of friends who regularly ski together and want to create a more formal setting or if your club has existed for many years, we can support you to develop your club. We can guide, signpost and support you through Club Structures, Financial support (funding), succession planning, workforce development including coaching. If you have any questions please contact ryan@snowsportengland.org.uk
  • Safeguarding support – Support for your Club and Club Welfare Officer to help you offer a safe environment for children, young people and adults, including information sheets, one to one support on the phone, safeguarding newsletters and guidance and support if required if an incident or disclosure occurs or is reported.
  • Coach licensing support – Ensuring your coaches are up to date with their licensing requirements needn’t be a time-consuming job. As an awarding body we can let you know the status of your coaches. You can use the new SE Club Management System to check yourselves. We can help set up courses for you, signpost to relevant CPD and even run specific training sessions for your coaches. For more details or support please contact ryan@snowsportengland.org.uk
  • Talent support – Snowsport England creates clear pathways to develop young Snowsport enthusiasts into potential athletes. We currently manage several squads which develop athletes to compete in British Teams internationally and at Olympic events. Our current squads include Alpine, Park and Pipe, Cross Country, Telemark, Roller Skiing and Moguls. To learn more click here.
  • SE promotion – Collaboration with our campaigns to encourage more participation at your club; access to our Go Ski Go Board website to promote your sessions as well as the BBC Get Inspired pages. Be part of our national campaigns to create awareness and help increase your membership.
  • Member Benefits – Access to big discounts from our partner companies, such as Snow & Rock, Rossignol, Cotswold Outdoor, Dynastar, Sport Pursuit and many more.
  • Access to SE support staff for guidance and assistance. If you have any questions and you’re unsure of who to speak to please contact the office on 01509 232323 or email info@snowsportengland.org.uk and they will pass your enquiry on to the relevant team member.
  • Athletes who are members of an affiliated club get a reduction of £10 when they register as an individual competitor, saving your members money.

How your membership helps support Snowsport.

As you can see, affiliating to Snowsport England gives your club and your members benefits with real advantages. You are also helping to support the grassroots of Snowsport and provide opportunities for everyone to get involved, no matter their experience or location.

Supporting the sport we all love means that we can continue to provide education, support and a safe, welcoming environment for current and future Snowsport enthusiasts across the country. Giving people the opportunity to nurture their talent and be the best they can be, having fun along the way.

If you have any further questions or require more information, please contact us on info@snowsportengland.org.uk