Job Description: Alpine Squad Manager (Voluntary Role)

The Alpine Squad Manager reports to the Alpine Committee of Snowsport England. The Alpine Squad Manager will work alongside the Alpine Squad Head Coach and Snowsport England Talent Lead to align the squad activities with the remit and priorities of Snowsport England.

Purpose: The role of the Alpine Squad Manager is to assist the home nation governing body, Snowsport England, with the definition, development and delivery of the Alpine Squad. The Alpine Squad is a programme designed to encourage participation in the sport of alpine ski racing at a higher level, providing a platform for talented performers aged 14-21 to develop and to ensure that they receive support and encouragement from the home nation governing body.

Participation in the squad should be aspirational, and for those selected should confer a degree of prestige while recognising that many will not go on to achieve at the highest level.

The Alpine Squad is not intended to be a substitute for a properly devised training programme, covering both technical and physical development.

The squad must be professionally run and be fun and enjoyable for those participating. Selection must be without bias.

Objectives of the Alpine Squad include recognition of achievement; encouraging aspiration to achieve; providing support and advice to those selected; helping and supporting longer term participation in the sport; assisting athletes with their development within the sport.

The Alpine Squad Manager’s primary contacts are: Alpine Committee, SSE team, contacts within training organisations, ski coaches, strength and development coaches, Alpine Squad volunteers.

The Alpine Squad Manager can also expect to spend time liaising with parents and athletes of the squad and also those not on the squad who have an aspiration to become squad members.

Responsibilities of the holder of the role of Alpine Squad Manager include:

  • Definition of the activities of the Alpine Squad
  • Definition of the selection criteria for the Alpine Squad
  • Annual revision and publication of the selection criteria
  • Liaison and consultation with stakeholders to devise the selection criteria
  • Consultation with volunteers and providers of services to the Alpine Squad
  • Devising an annual programme of Alpine Squad activities
  • Liaison and consultation with professionals to devise the annual squad programme
  • Delivery of the annual programme of Alpine Squad activities
  • Managing the providers of the activities, including professional (paid) providers as well as (unpaid) volunteers
  • Maintaining the budget of the Alpine Squad and ensuring all costs are within the budget
  • Providing regular updates on the squad activities to the Alpine Committee of Snowsport England
  • Ensuring the welfare and safety of the squad athletes while participating in squad activities
  • Promoting the Alpine Squad to the widest possible audience
  • Liaising with parents and athletes
  • Convening meetings of the Alpine Squad stakeholders as required

The personal attributes required for the Alpine Squad Manager:

  • A passion for snowsports and competitive alpine skiing
  • Ability to communicate at all levels, from professional coaches through to junior skiers
  • Ability to arbitrate between conflicting requirements to reach consensus results

The Alpine Squad Manager must have:

  • Sufficient time to deliver on the above tasks and objectives (estimate 50 hours per year)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Organisational skills

This is a voluntary role, with approved expenses paid for.

Please email for an application form.