This is how you head down the mountain best

Oceans of snow shimmering all around you, their waves beckoning, their undertow leading you further down the mountain, the air crisp and invigorating, the world gliding away behind you as you skilfully navigate amongst a sea of white powder: is there anything truly more wonderful than the ability to ski carefree? From lazy serpentines to sick shredding, and from practise piste to off-piste, the sky’s the limit when it comes to having fun.

However, if it’s a great experience combined with great memories you’re after, you’re going to have to do a bit more than just strap on your skis and take off. Don’t worry, though: we’ve got you covered! SnowTrex has compiled a list of helpful tips and safety measures to help you stay controlled and therefore happy when making your way down the mountain. Here’s how you can arrive at the bottom in one piece:

– Be sure to follow the rules! The FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski) have put their “ten commandments” in place to keep your skiing responsible and under control. From speed control to right of way to signage in the ski area, following the FIS rules is an absolute must when planning to enjoy your day on the piste.

– Make sure you’re fit to ride! Your skis aren’t the only things that should be in top condition before venturing out onto the piste. Both your mental and physical well-being are important factors when it comes to safe skiing, and you have to have the proper know-how to navigate accordingly! The ability to estimate your strength and limitations does not come easily; practise makes perfect!

– Respect your elders, especially Mother Nature! Understanding how to navigate throughout not only the ski area, but off-piste as well, is vital to keeping both yourself and others safe. You must be aware of the signs of danger, such as avalanche dispersions, cracks when stepping on the snow cover, rumbling noises, and several other key factors. Preparation begins even before you set foot on the piste: pay attention to the avalanche levels when considering your routes for the day.

– Remain calm! In the event of an emergency, keeping a clear head and offering proper assistance is the best course of action. Being able to assess the situation and act accordingly is critical, as every second counts. By knowing the local emergency telephone numbers, having the necessary documents on hand, such as a personal ID card, and asking the right questions, you can help resolve the situation in a safe, effective manner.

– Kids will be kids! With that in mind, it’s a good idea to find out what exactly you’ll need to consider when introducing your little ones to their new winter wonderland. From proper bindings to altitude intolerance to recommended teaching techniques, there’s quite a bit you’ll want to read up on before you go. The most important thing to remember: don’t forget to have fun!

The feeling of freedom and pure joy when conquering the slopes is unlike anything else, and we want to help make sure you can not only experience this during your next holiday, but for many years to come. By staying up to date on the current safety standards, refreshing your memory on proper piste etiquette, and keeping both your mind and body happy and healthy, you can continue to dive right into the action and enjoy nothing but smooth sailing.

For more information on how to practice safe skiing, please feel free to view this extensive safety checklist!

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