A good coach can change a game; a great coach can change a life.

Becoming a coach or instructor in Snowsport can be extremely fulfilling, allowing you to pass on your passion for the sport to others. You might want to teach beginners or help develop accomplished skiers and snowboarders looking to take their sport to the next level.


Interested in having a go? We can help set you on your coaching journey:


If you coach yourself, share your photos with us at: iliyana@snowsportengland.org.uk

What is coaching?

Coaching is, at its heart, a trust relationship between coach and athlete. At its best, the coach is a supremely influential figure for good in the life of the athlete, a sporting mentor with whom the athlete has a powerful emotional bond. The successful coach puts the interests of the athlete ahead of his or her own in every circumstance.

Coaching can be very rewarding and is a great way to:

  • Coaching is Fun and Empowering. What’s better than watching the kid who could barely kick a ball when you started, become your team’s top goal-scorer?
  • Personal Self Development. You’d be surprised to learn how many skills you improve as a coach.
  • Create Lifelong Relationships. The kids you coach and help on your team won’t forget the role you played in their lives.
  • Improve Your Communication. In coaching, you’ll always be learning new lessons and having to adapt to the situations around you.
  • Be a Mentor to the Youth. Coaches are mentors, first and foremost, and they need to remember that every moment

How can I get involved?

At Snowsport England, we are passionate about helping you in your coaching journey and alongside Snowsport Wales and Snowsport Scotland, we have developed an all-encompassing instructor and coaching scheme called the ‘UK Snowsport Coaching Scheme’ which can fit around your lifestyle and help you support your local club or slope.

We want to ensure you don’t have to put anything on hold to give back to the sport you enjoy so much, and we have designed the scheme so you can progress along a journey, taking your coaching or instructing to whichever level works for you.

The UK Snowsport Coaching Scheme embodies the concept of Core Skill. This means that, as instructors and coaches, one of our goals is to help our skiers or snowboarders develop skills that enables them to achieve what they want to. We need to teach them in a way that keeps their options open, to enable them to enjoy the sport in the way they want. Developing adaptable and versatile skiers and snowboarders will build a lifelong love of Snowsport.

Whilst we may be teaching people on an artificial ski slope today, they may pursue the sport in many ways in the future at home and abroad.



  1. Who can become a coach?

Anyone over the age of 16 can become licenced to coach. For those young people aged 14 years – 16 years, they can take part in a young persons course which allows them to become licenced at 16 years of age.

2. Do I need experience in Snowsport to become a coach?

You need to be able to do the discipline you want to coach in. Each of our awards have entry requirements which can be found in the resource bank here.

3. Can I become a coach if I have a disability?

Yes of course, you know your disability better than anyone else so get in touch and we can explore the opportunities available to you.

4. One unique thing about coaching:

Supporting people to achieve their goals is at least as rewarding as achieving them yourself.

5. Benefits of coaching:

  • Passing on your Passion is extremely rewarding.
  • Develop skills that help across your life like communication and goal setting.
  • Becoming a coach will develop your understanding of the sport/activity.