We run Skilful Skiing performance days in the UK and Skilful Skiing weeks abroad on snow. Our Skilful Skiing courses are run by some of our top coaches and are structured to ensure you get the development you’re looking for and are designed to develop your skills and help you achieve your goals on the hill.

What is Skilful Skiing?

Skilful Skiing courses are suited to all levels from intermediate to expert, you can expect a social experience with a group of like-minded people looking to make the most of their time on skis.

Skilful Skiing courses are for skiers who…

  • Want to get more enjoyment from their time on skis
  • Like to learn in a fun and social environment
  • Want to be more skilful, adaptable skiers.

There is a lot of time spent on skis but there are also elements of discussion sessions to help you “feel” your own performance, a vital element in achieving higher levels of proficiency.

How can I get involved?

All our Skilful Skiing courses are advertised and listed on our website, you can visit the webpages to explore which is the right course for you, then follow the links to book.


  1. Who can attend a skilful skiing course?

Skilful Skiing courses are suited to all levels from intermediate to expert.

  1. How do I book onto a course?

Visit our course webpage, select the course for you and book online.

  1. Can I attend if I have a disability?

You know your disability better than anyone, if you feel you can take part then go ahead and join in. If you are unsure, please get in touch with us and one of our coaches will contact you to discuss the course in more detail.

  1. One unique thing about skilful skiing courses:

Our Skilful Skiing courses are tailored to your specific goals and focus on your performance.

  1. Benefits of skilful skiing courses:

The courses are tailored to your specific needs allowing you to get the most from the your time, at your own pace.