A message from the Alpine Committee of Snowsport England.

Prior to the Government Covid-19 changes announced earlier this week, the Alpine Committee of Snowsport England had been working on plans to provide a set of seeded races, based closely on the Club National format.

Despite our best endeavours, it is with profound regret and disappointment that we feel the added rules and local variations in the form of lockdowns, the general added worry and uncertainty makes it unlikely that we would be able to run the four outdoor races and one indoor race we had hoped to. To provide only one or at the most two races would seem unfair on those from other regions or, worse, be seen as encouraging unnecessary travel. The rules for spectators have added a layer of complexity.

To make use of the time and effort that has gone into the creation of our race template, the committee is happy to encourage unseeded club-organised local races and will be as supportive as possible and provide information to any slopes and clubs who would like to try to provide their own event.

Alpine Committee, 23rd  September 2020