Snowsport England have been celebrating the launch of This Girls Can’s new campaign, which is all about closing the enjoyment gap. This is important as currently 2.4 million fewer women than men strongly agree they find sport and exercise enjoyable and satisfying. Enjoyment is one if the biggest motivators for people to take part in physical activity. Several barriers have been discovered which the campaign helps break down using their 4 key action areas. These are safe, self-affirming, suitable and social.

We are passionate about promoting this campaign, it links closely to our strategic aims and we are actively working towards increasing equality for females in the sport, with a particular focus on coaching and instructing. Here is a round up of the inspirational local projects that we have highlighted throughout the campaign…


The social offerings at @ubsc allow members from their beginners to racers to feel welcome and like they are part of a bigger community. Whether members join for the skiing side or the host of different activities on offer such as 3 legged races, bouldering or trampolining, it is clear to see inclusion is a core value.
A strong support network runs through the club with social secretaries there to lend support. The club have currently opted for 2 social secretaries with Lexi covering the female/ non binary groups, offering a friendly face at all the events.
The cumulation of the ski clubs year is their Annual Ski Trip. A wide range of social events are organised alongside the skiing with the focus on inclusion and safety.
Most of all due to their commitment to provide a wide range of social activities for their members, they live and breathe the social side of the This Girl Can Action Plan.


Our SE disability specialist club offerings are truly inspiring. Allowing those who have a disablility to try multiple snowsport disciplines. Volunteer instructors and helpers, across the country are making snowsports accessible to all, by adapting their sessions and using specialist kit.

The adaptive clubs, cater for the disabled communities specific needs by offering additional training times where volunteers are available to assist. Some clubs also offer annual ski trip opportunities.

The practical requirements such as making the facility accessible to all, offering additional equipment or being considerate of individuals needs make sure the sessions are ‘suitable’.Having this incredible provision means that any budding talented athlete will be given the best chance of succeeding in their journey to the top!

To shine a spotlight on @kendalsnowsportsclub, the club is currently working behind the scenes to widen their adaptive offerings to include visually impaired participants. The adaptive sessions run by Geoff and his team of helpers, are so popular that the club are looking into offering more regular sessions.


We want to empower our audience to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, regardless of shape, size or ability at their local slope or track. Why not try one of our self-affirmations next time you head to the slope or track, or create your own, be unapologetically you and find your tribe.

‘I stay focussed on my ski form and ready to learn new techniques’
‘I enjoy being out on the slopes with my friends’
‘I will improve my balance on every ski run that I do’
‘I have been given many talents and today I will use them’
‘I feel exhilarated by the snowsports environment’
‘I am becoming a more talented multi discipline skier’
‘I was born to ski


@Ski MK Race team‘s member, Olivia has been skiing for 8 years, she was diagnosed with Congential Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) which resulted in her being born with only one lung and having to spend time in hospital at an early age. Fast forward to now and Olivia trains regularly with the club. Ski MK Race Team are open to all, they offer a ‘safe’ environment for those with hearing/visual impairments as well as those who need to use a mono or sit ski and neurological conditions that aren’t visible. All the members of different ages and abilities love to ski together with coaches making the sessions fun and inclusive.

These sessions allow members to feel emotionally and physically ‘safe’, with coach and peer support, free from harassment or intimidation. Meaning they are free from worry and free to enjoy the activity.

Why not share how your club plans to ‘close the enjoyment gap’ using 1 or more of the action areas with