Snowsport England – DiSE Programme

What is it?

The Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DISE) is the re-named version of the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) programme. Snowsport England is now entering its second year of the DiSE programme and due to COVID-19 this means the programme will have more remote delivery than planned.

The DISE programme, which combines practical and theoretical aspects of Snowsport Performance will begin in September 2020. The main purpose of the DISE programme is to support talented athletes to combine sport and education so that they have the skills, knowledge and qualifications to pursue a dual career in high-level sport alongside separate paid employment in the future. It is open to 16-18 year olds who are aspiring to become elite athletes on the snowsport talent pathway. It is aimed at athletes who are enrolled on a study programme at a school/college and can be studied alongside existing education.

Snowsport England’s Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) programme is aimed at snowsport athletes between the ages of 16-18 who have the realistic potential to achieve excellence in snowsport, but who are keen to continue their education at the same time.

 How the programme works

DiSE is a government-supported and funded initiative aimed at recognising and supporting the development of young, talented athletes.

The programme, delivered over a period of two years, offers a combination of educational opportunities and performance training, where students can earn qualifications for their snowsport development.

The programme will be delivered over 2 years and would normally require candidates to attend 2/3 residential weekends in Loughborough per year of study however this is being reviewed due to COVIC-19. These sessions will be scheduled to best fit around the snowsport calendar. Candidates will also complete portfolio work when in their own training environments to support their study on the DiSE Programme. For 2020/21 we expect to be delivering more sessions remotely.


The education programme examines:

Technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of Snowsport and areas such as:

Lifestyle management


Wider career management

Health and safety



Snowsport England has a limited number of places. We would expect athletes applying for DiSE to hold a FIS licence, be selected to a England or GB Squad. If no squad is selected then FIS performances will be taken into account.

1.            To be eligible for DiSE programme funding, a student must meet the following criteria:

a.            Be aged 16 to 18 (or aged 19 to 24 if they have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan), when they start the programme.

b.            Subject to paragraph 2 below, be enrolled on a state funded study programme and be studying towards an academic (e.g. A levels) or technical qualification (e.g. NVQs or City and Guilds).

c.             Be on a talent pathway managed by their sport’s National Governing Body (NGB).

d.            Must not be employed by their sport body or club on a professional contract.

2.            The requirement in paragraph 1b. be enrolled on a state funded study programme, does not apply to students who attend a fee-paying school for their main study programme in the following circumstances:

a.            The student is in receipt of the school’s means-tested bursary of at least 50% fee remission.


b.            The student is in receipt of a talent / ability-based scholarship of at least 50% but were this not to be the case then they would have otherwise qualified for the school’s means-tested bursary of at least 50% fee remission; or

c.             At least 50% of the student’s fees are being paid by a third sector organisation but were this not to be the case then they would have otherwise qualified for the school’s means-tested bursary of at least 50% fee remission.

3.            With regard to students eligible under paragraph 2 a., 2 b. or 2c., the relevant NGB should take all reasonable steps to confirm a student’s eligibility with the student’s fee-paying school before the students starts the DiSE programme.  The NGB should retain the relevant documentation for audit purposes.

 4.            DfE will consider other exceptional circumstances.  Where an NGB believes that a student, who would otherwise be ineligible, should be considered for DiSE programme funding, it must contact DfE to seek agreement before the student is awarded a place.

What will I gain at the end of the programme?

After the final completion of the DISE programme, the student will have achieved a Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DISE). The DiSE programme is also worth 64 UCAS points.

The deadline to apply is Sunday 30th August 2020

If interested in DiSE please contact