Snowsport England are pleased to be supporting two great new initiatives launched by the National Schools Snowsports Association (NSSA), the Alpine All Stars Programme and the National Schools Leagues.

Both of these ongoing opportunities to get involved in snowsports are in partnership with a number of UK snowsports facilities and supported by several UK retailers and snowsports organisations.

NSSA’s vision is that these programmes will feed into the clubs and centres locally, especially those facilities and clubs that the Association is working with to deliver the projects.

The Alpine All Stars is an initiative by the NSSA to get more children involved in snowsports from beginner to a basic competitive level. This will take a group of beginners from one school per slope, allowing them to take part and work with for regular sessions through the school year.

The scheme will be free of charge for the selected schools and schools are able to apply for places on the programme. It is designed to take children from non-skiers and give them the tools to enjoy the sport and stay involved, creating greater retention of those taking part.

NSSA Programme Director, Phil Brown said: “We have strong ambitions to significantly grow the sport and this programme is all about putting more children on skis or a board. First and foremost, we want to make snowsports a fun and enjoyable experience for children and give them a passion for the sport to last a lifetime, drawing kids to the sport at an early age will develop more participants, create more fans and show the power of snowsports in developing physical and social skills.”

Starting in November 2020, this opportunity is open to all school age children. To apply on behalf of your school, please contact For more information, please see the NSSA website.

The National Schools Race Leagues is the second initiative, with an aim to get more children involved in snowsport at a competitive level, by offering events at a local level in order to increase accessibility. Open to all school age children, the events will run regularly at numerous venues around the country – to see a list of facilities involved and the dates, please visit the NSSA Facebook Page

There will be a number of centres involved in the leagues. At each slope, a course will be set and marked. There will be 2-3 sessions on one day approximately every 4 / 5 weeks. Sessions will be 2 hours long and include coaching.

During each session, a small group of racers (number dependent on rules of the slope etc,) will attend and run training with coaches from NSSA’s training partner, followed by a course inspection and 3 timed runs. These timed runs will be recorded and used for the final results (fastest run to count) – likely to be around summer half term.

NSSA Partnerships Liaison, Dan Humphrey said: “We looked at how we can offer competitive events under the schools banner to those schools, athletes and parents that are clearly very keen to get back to the sport and to be able to offer this in a locally and safely accessible way. We believe the National Schools Leagues are a great way to do this, maintaining the ethos of participation and involvement that drives our other events.”

For further information, please see the NSSA website or contact