The TD Forum and the Home Nations met on the 18 Jan to review the situation with regards to assignment of TDs and the acceptance of race results for BASS in the ongoing pandemic.  The review looked at current and predicted trends of Covid cases; National and International lockdowns; and ongoing international travel restrictions and quarantine processes.  The following restrictions were agreed or extended:

  1. All races must have been accepted onto the GB Race Calendar before any TD is assigned or results accepted.
  2. Races within the UK geographic area will be supported with a TD and results accepted when UK National and local restrictions allow, provided they meet with all UK National and relevant local/regional restrictions and that the assigned TD is able to travel to the event.
  3. The current suspension of assignment of TDs or acceptance of results for BASS seeding at European locations will continue until 20 Mar2021 at the earliest.

The TD Forum and the Home Nations will continue to monitor the situation, taking into account any changes to national, international or regional restrictions, and travel advice that may affect the safe conduct of, and support to, races.  A decision on whether to support races based in Europe after 20th March will be announced 20th February.

The Forum confirms that BASS seed points will not attract end of season penalties for athletes unable to race due to the ongoing pandemic; thus athletes will not see an increase in points for the season 2020/21.