Team Snowtrax Snowsports Club has seen fantastic success and quadrupled its member base from only 30 when they started to over 120 now, ranging across all ages.

An independent snowsport club based at Snowtrax in Christchurch, Dorset, the club’s mission is to introduce the sport of alpine ski racing to new participants and while promoting snowsport in all of its forms.

Husband and wife coaches Darren and Helen have set themselves the goal to encourage the children they work with to participate in more than one snowsport discipline. The pair have been applying the multi-discipline approach for the past eight years.

The club believe that all types of snow sports should be appreciated so not only do they run dedicated race training sessions during the week, but once a month they hold freestyle skiing and snowboarding night where all members of the club get the chance to learn from scratch or improve their freestyle and snowboarding skills.

Recently, Olympic Bronze medalist and snowboarder Billy Morgan from Southampton visited to congratulate the first children achieving Team Snowtrax Snowsport Athlete recognition for ski racing, snowboarding and freestyle skiing.

Snowsports England CEO Tim Fawke commented: “This initiative from Team Snowtrax is fantastic and will help to develop a broad range of skills and rounded athletes and will help them develop to a higher level in their chosen discipline and reach their potential. I would like to congratulate Darren and Helen and encourage other clubs to look at a multi-discipline approach.”

Head Coach Darren Schmidt said “Our team of coaches have coached and skied alongside some of these children for 10 years and to see their growth in mental and physical skills is absolutely awesome and their parents are so proud of what they have achieved, as so are we.”

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