The 2022 Winners of the Snowsport England Chair’s Award are Steven Lambert and Bridget Owen.

The joint winners were announced at the Annual General Meeting on 28th June, which took place virtually. Awarded by Snowsport England’s Board, Bridget and Steven were recognised for their extensive contributions to the sport.

Steven Lambert, who has been involved in alpine skiing for over 50 years, received the award for his extraordinary commitment to the sport as a volunteers. Initially starting at Hemel Dry Slope and later getting involved with Hemel Ski Race Club at The Snow Centre and ERSA, Steven has remained dedicated to volunteering in the sport even after his children moved away from ski racing. Trained as a coach and official, Steven can be found at any slope in the Region following his retirement from National Air Traffic Services.

The testimonial of Steve said: “His years of guiding planes to safely land at major airports massively transfers to the ability to run timing with safety and ease. In a regular season, not only is Steve at every Hemel training session, organising the sessions and giving advice and help, but he will be somewhere in the region attending and providing the timing services to schools, BUCS, NSSA, Club, Region and National Races.”

Bridget Owen, the other joint winner of the Chair’s Award, was recognised for her extensive work in the area of safeguarding within the sport. Bridget worked for Snowsport England first as a volunteer and then as a paid member of staff for over 20 years and in this time she has transformed safeguarding in Snowsport. Leaving the organisation in May this year, Bridget has left a lasting legacy, ensuring Snowsport England sets a great example within safeguarding in the sports industry.

Snowsport England CEO Tim Fawke said: “It is not an easy area of work but Bridget always did it with a smile on her face and a commitment to make sure children and adults can have a fun and safe time in snowsport. She worked officially just one day a week for us, but did vastly more than this. She has made a huge difference to the sport and will be very much missed.”