We hope you are all staying safe and getting to enjoy the sunshine. With the temperature rising Snowsports are probably not at the forefront of everyone’s mind however there are several slopes that have already reopened and lots more preparing to do so. Find out the latest about your nearest slope here.

 We all need to play our part in keeping the people in our sport safe so we have produced further guidance and updated existing guidance.

 Update 25th June – We have added two new guidance documents – one for Affiliated Clubs, and one on Health & Safety considerations for club activity. These are in addition to, and aligned to, our guidance documents previously released for Athletes, Coaches & Instructors and Snowsport Facilities.

We have updated parts of the coaches and athlete guidance now clubs have started to train again.

We understand there is a lot of information here but we wanted to make sure you have everything you need. Our friends over at Clubmatters have prepared a new suite of resources to give you tips and guidance on how to do this safely. They have created a toolkit for clubs to use as a guide. Please click button below to view the toolkit.

Club Matters Toolkit


Current guidance documents (correct 25th June 2020)

Guidance for athletes return to activity

Guidance for Instructors and Coaches return to activity

Guidance for Snowsport Facilities return to activity

 Guidance for Affiliated Snowsport Clubs

Health and Safety Guidance: Return to Activity