Whether you are taking your first steps into instructing or coaching or looking to develop your skills further, we have some useful information to help you #PassOnYourPassion

The UK Snowsport Coaching Scheme embodies the concept of Core Skill. This means that, as instructors and coaches, one of our goals is to help our skiers or snowboarders develop skills that enables them to do what they want to. So we need to teach them in a way that keeps their options open, to enable them to enjoy the sport in a way they want. Developing adaptable and versatile skiers and snowboarders will build a lifelong love of Snowsport.

Whilst we may be teaching people on an artificial ski slope today, they may pursue the sport in many ways in the future at home and abroad.


Snowsport Core Skills

Take some time to look at the different summaries of the UK Snowsport Coaching Scheme. It will help you decide WHO you want to work with, WHERE you want to work with them and WHAT you want to work on with them.


  • Development – Ski Foundation Instructor (L1), Ski Instructor (L2), Ski Development Coach (L3), Alpine Ski Development Coach (L4)
  • Racing – Alpine Foundation Performance Coach (L1), Alpine Club Performance Coach (L2), Alpine Head Performance Coach (L3)
  • Freestyle – Park & Pipe Foundation Performance Coach (Ski) L1, Park & Pipe Club Performance Coach (Ski) L2

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  • Development – Snowboard Foundation Instructor (L1), Snowboard Instructor (L2)
  • Freestyle – Park & Pipe Foundation Performance Coach (Snowboard) L1, Park & Pipe Club Performance Coach (Snowboard) L2, Park & Pipe Head Coach (Snowboard) L3

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  • Roller Ski – Level 1 Roller Ski Instructor, Level 2 Roller Ski Instructor, Roller Ski Level 3 Coach
  • Cross-Country – Cross-Country Instructor Level 1, Cross-Country Instructor Level 2, Cross-Country Coach Level 3, Cross-Country Coach Level 4
  • Telemark – Telemark Level 1 Instructor, Telemark Level 2 Instructor, Telemark Level 3 Coaches, Telemark Level 4 Coaches

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For further information email coaching@snowsportengland.org.uk